Selling Property

We look after all aspects of your transaction to make selling a simple and easy process.

Property Sale Conveyancing

Selling property? Our team are agile and responsive to property sale conveyancing requirements. We can quickly prepare a Section 32 (Vendor’s Statement) and Contract of Sale and get it to you in a matter of days.

Once your property has sold, we prepare the appropriate documentation to discharge any mortgage over the property and liaise with any banks, real estate agents, the purchaser’s legal representatives and the State Revenue Office on your behalf. We have in-depth knowledge of the property sale conveyancing process and help our clients to navigate council regulations, laws and processes that may be specific to your local region.

We also take care of the Transfer of Land once your property is sold and lodge all necessary paperwork with the Land Titles Office to ensure this part of the sale process is done accurately and efficiently.

Our team also attend settlement on your behalf so the process has minimal impact on our clients’ busy lives.

How can we assist you with your conveyancing needs?