Subdividing Property

We will prepare required documents and deal with a surveyor on your behalf.

Property Subdivision Conveyancing

Subdividing property? If you want to subdivide your property we can give you an estimate of registration fees. Our team is able to determine your property subdivision requirements, draft and prepare any documentation required and deal with a surveyor on your behalf to arrange lodgement of the plan. We use systems that allow us to do this in the most efficient and cost effective way possible for our clients.

We take into consideration zoning, property boundaries, drainage requirements and any covenants or restrictions that may apply to your specific parcel of land.

We will obtain the consent of any interested parties, including banks. Once the application has been lodged we monitor the status of your application and advise you once it has been registered which includes obtaining new title details.

We are there to assist you to navigate the legal process and allow you to enjoy the benefits of your property subdivision decision as quickly as possible.

How can we assist you with your conveyancing needs?